Find Relief From Allergies

By Jennifer Palaske
The arrival of spring is long-awaited by many. Unfortunately though, it can be the start of a season of eye problems for people with allergies. Allergies can cause a variety of symptoms which affect the eye, including itching, redness, or the sensation that there is a foreign body in the eye.

Just as there are a variety of elements people are allergic too, there are a variety of treatments available to provide solutions. Unfortunately many people think eye allergies are something they just have to live with, or take an over-the-counter medication that might not address their particular symptoms. A comprehensive eye examination is also important to rule out other conditions that may also cause redness, such as infection.

Contact lens wearers face special difficulties if they have allergies. How the contacts lenses are cared for can greatly impact the wearer who has allergies. In some cases recommending daily wear contacts for the duration of the allergy season is the answer. Since contacts are changed daily, the allergens cannot build up and irritate the eye as much.

Spring does not have to be a time of suffering, even if you have allergies. Receiving professional care for your allergies can let you enjoy the various seasons of year, both indoors and outdoors.

Ask yourself, do you experience…
Red, itchy eyes
Excessive tearing
Puffy eyelids
A scratchy feeling in your eyes
These are signs you might be suffering from seasonal allergies. Experience relief by calling our office to schedule an appointment today!