New Technology Added

Dr. Flohr adds new technology at Advanced Eyecare Professionals

Dr. Michael Flohr M.D. at Advanced Eyecare Professionals is proud to announce the addition of new equipment to better serve patients.

The new equipment includes a Humphrey Matric, which has doubling technology, a Humphrey automatic refractor/keratometer, Humphrey lens analyzer and a Visucam fundus imaging system. All of these pieces of equipment are an investment in sight and the future care of it.

The Humphrey Matrix represents the latest breakthrough in visual field testing and advancement in clinically validated glaucoma management. The Humphrey Matrix combines the capability to detect glaucoma early and accurately with tools for long-term management, and will enable Dr. Flohr to better manage glaucoma patients for years to come.

The Humphrey Matrix works with frequency doubling technology. Welch Allyn's patented frequency doubling technology targets a subset of retinal ganglion cells in the magnocellular (M-cell) pathway. Patterns of flickering black and white bars trigger a reaction in these cells, creating the perception that twice the number of bars are actually present, hence "frequency doubling." Myganglion cells are sparsely populated, resulting in less redundancy to mask any cell damage. By attempting to isolate these cells, the Humphrey Matrix detects glaucomatous damage early in the disease process.

The Humphrey automatic refractor/keratometer (Hark 599), is the first combination refractor-keratometer to offer subjective refinement of sphere, cylinder, and axis as well as isolated acuity lines, children's targets, near testing, and low contrast sensitivity testing. The Hark 599 allows for immediate patient feedback on the prescription and can be linked to the Humphrey Lens Analyzer to allow patients to compare their current RX to the new refraction results. You not only get refracted by our Technicians with this piece of equipment, but the Doctor also does a manual refraction to get the most up-to-date refraction you possible can get at our office.

The Humphrey Lens Analyzer model 350 reads the prescription on your lenses for glasses or contacts. The Humphrey Lens Analyzer provides the most comprehensive lensometry. It gives fast and accurate lens neutralization results for single vision lenses, bifocal, trifocal, and progressive lenses. Plus, it can also read both hard and soft contact lenses. This enables the Technicians to give you the most accurate work-up possible.

The VISUCAM non-mydriatic fundus camera is designed for both routine clinical use and screening. It integrates all elements of clinical retinal photography - from image capture to image documentation - in a single, state-of-the-art system featuring all hardware and software. Operation is easy to ensure a smooth, rapid workflow with the help of the positioning aid with working distance dots, a focusing aid with paired coincidence lines and ergonomic design.

Visual overview and assessment are possible at all times in every phase of the exam. When the image is captured, it immediately appears on the 17" flat screen monitor and is automatically stored. This machine allows Dr. Flohr the opportunity to educate patients instantly after the picture is taken; pointing out the health of your eye and detecting any diseases or complications instantly. A picture is then printed out and stored in your file so that Dr. Flohr can compare year-to-year changes and better manage your eye health.

If you have any questions and or would like more information on the new technology available at our offices, please call any one of our offices; HASTINGS-269.945.3866, IONIA-616.522.1000, LOWELL-616.897.7000.